Friday, August 24, 2007

How Did This Happen!?

Our little family was happy with two cats, Gray (a Manx) and Dusty (a Persian), everything was going along fine. Then my friend Christina introduced me to her Dad, a Vet in Pasadena. He had some kittens that needed good homes, or he would have to put them to sleep. I used my big Puss-In-Boots eyes on Steve and asked if we could keep one of them to save it from certain death. He reluctantly agreed. So we have our cute Spike who is less than a year old, and bigger than the other cats now. Three is a handful!

But wait... Chloe spots a little kitten hiding in our yard, it's so tiny that it probably couldn't survive much longer. After a few days of trying to gain his trust and leaving food out, she finally is able to catch him. So add one more to the 3 we already have. FOUR cats is TOO many! We named him Tiny Tim and he basically lives underneath mine and Steve's bed. He's afraid of most everything, but is getting a bit more social. He LOVES the other cats.

Whew... thanks goodness we are stopping at four..... what's that you have in your hands Steve??? Another kitten???? This one is a girl and he found it wandering the track where he was running. I personally don't think it was lost, just away from home. But he is certain she was lost. Her name is now Lulu. We found her about a week after we found Tiny Tim. She is so sweet! I may have to keep her.

What is it about our home that attracts these animals? Only a couple of months ago we were adopted by another cat whom we named Oscar. We took him in and were able to find a home for him, my Parents adopted him. And earlier this year we were adopted by what I thought was a bull dog (I really don't know my dog species). Turns out she was a pit bull. I am SO glad we called animal control to come and get her. Thankfully she was very sweet.

Anyone want a kitten or two?? We really would like to find homes for them. I cannot live with 5 cats. If Chloe had her way, we would find another 5, and keep them all.

So please, no more animals for us God, I think we have our quota, and then some. But we are thankful for the ones we have.


1 comment:

tinalisa said...

Love the orange kitty, but no more animal fur in our house. Maya is a hair bomb!

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