Sunday, August 26, 2007


I'm so proud of Steve for having "THE TALK" with Nathan. We just wanted him to hear about the birds & the bees from us before he starts junior high in the morning and he learns something that isn't correct, or something that disturbs him that he might not ask us about. (Not that I think he will actually hear it *tomorrow*, but the timing just seemed appropriate.)

Steve said it went really well. I thought it was pretty cute that when I got home in the evening Nathan came into my office and said, "Dad told me something really disturbing today about fertilization." I told him that he was pretty lucky to have a Dad that would talk to him about those things and not be too embarrassed.

It makes me happy that he came to me to talk about it. Maybe this won't be the thing that scars him for life, I'm sure there will be other opportunities for us to do that. LOL

I am waiting for "What's Going On Down There?" to come from Amazon. Steve and I will read it through before we decide to give it to Nathan, but there were tons of positive comments about it online.

Wasn't I just taking Nathan to Kindergarten about a month ago? My sweet boy is growing up.


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Lacie said...

Let me know if the book is good for boys! I won't need it tomorrow, but I know it will come before I want it to!

I am glad we have boys for the simple fact- I have no idea! My adorable husband has had to answer and deal with things already that I would have had NO Clue how to deal with.

I am willing to talk about whatever with the boys and I DO hope they come to me to talk- But Trey keeps telling me boys are easy and not to worry to much!

Growing up-YUCK!

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