Monday, September 3, 2007

For Hire!

It's down to the wire and I wonder why I waited so long to get started... again. I am making a scrapbook for a customer. It's her Grandson's 2nd birthday party pictures, from last year. She wants about 18 pages, by tomorrow. It's tomorrow (1:00 a.m.) and I have 10 done.

Well, it's not that big of a crunch, I guess. She was ill yesterday when I talked to her, so I'm sure she doesn't mind waiting until Tuesday to pick up the pages. Whew, that gives me one more day.

The pages look good, I always put a lot into my work.

Oh well, I promise to stop procrastinating.....



1 comment:

Holly said...

Yes, you do put a lot into your creations, which makes them not only beautiful, but so special!

Hope you got everything done without too much stress. I struggle with deadlines too!

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