Sunday, November 25, 2007

Little Old Lady


This is Alley, the cat. Steve's parents adopted her from a neighbor about 4 years ago (?), I'm not really sure how long they have had her. Anyway, she is 17 years old and very persnickety. She reminds all of us of a little old lady who is constantly grumbling about something. She has been known not only to bite visitors, but also to bite Mom and Dad. I went out on a limb and touched her softly on her back as she walked past me. Now, this is what amazed me. She didn't run off in fear... she turned around and came towards me with an evil look and hissed. I know she was thinking about biting me, but couldn't find any handy appendages. O.K., O.K., I got the message! She really warmed up to me the next day when she was sitting in Mom's lap and I carefully and quietly extended a little piece of cooked chicken, hoping she would take it from me. She stood carefully (remember, she's 17), and sniffed. Once again thinking about all of her options. She laid back down and gave me a good hiss. O.K., I really give up this time. The next day I was reading the paper at the kitchen table. She jumped onto the table and came over to my hand and sniffed it. I was afraid to move for fear that she would sink her teeth into the side of my hand. Her nose actually made contact with my hand. Then she walked away. WOW! The thrill of victory! We made a real connection!

Poor Alley, we all give her a hard time. She is so lucky to be loved and in a good home. Mom and Dad keep her as comfortable as they can. She will sit with them and let them pet her a bit. I can imagine that she is probably in a bit of arthritic pain all the time, plus some kidney problems she has developed. I guess the moral of the story is, we all need to be loved, no matter how crabby we get. Either that, or keep your hands and fingers out of reach when walking past a 17-year old little old lady cat. :)

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Chloe and I made this slide show one day when Spike was fast asleep. He didn't move a muscle as she placed her Webkinz, one after another, on top of him. Sorry it's a bit slow, it's the fastest I could get it to go. Enjoy!