Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sulcata Tortoise

Anonymous photo of a Sulcata from the WWW

My cousin, Teri, was the first one to guess! It's a Sulcata Tortoise. A customer at the store where I work has 18 hatchlings. Chloe has been wanting a turtle since she could talk. I am taking her to pick one out on Friday.

It will eventually be a "backyard tortoise" since they grow up to 100 lbs. Can't you just see this huge tortoise walking around in my backyard? For now it is small and will live in an aquarium habitat. They are not water tortoises, they are land tortoises. If you feed them correctly, they grow slowly.

We can't wait to have it!


Anonymous said...

I love seeing the tortoises at the zoo. They always seem so peaceful, but I guess if you're nearing 100 you would be peaceful.

When I was little and we lived in California the neighbor right behind us had some kind of large turtle in their backyard for awhile. I remember Greg and I going to the chainlink fence and feeding it lettuce. If I remember correctly, it dug over in to our yard one time before being sent back home.

If they live that long, your greatgrandkids may inherit it at some Enjoy! ~Teri~

Holly said...

100 lbs.??? Years??? Now that is SOME turtle/tortoise. How fun and will definitely make an interesting pet.

Heather said...

Macy would love that! We already have a beta fish named Bella and two hermit crabs...unnamed! HA! Have fun with your new turtle...what are you gonna name it?

zachary stevenson said...

not trying to be nosy, but you should know that sulcatas, (geochelone sulcata, or african spurred tortoises) typically grow to be near 2oolbs. and have been known to live near as many years. this pet for your child may outlive your great-grandchildren. in nature they are grazers, and thus need to eat large amounts of food very often. i would suggest doing quite a bit of research before making a decision to take one home. GOOD LUCK!

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