Saturday, April 5, 2008

Photos From the Day

Just adding some photos from our celebration today. The cake was so pretty, and so good! Each tier was half chocolate and half vanilla.

According to the guest book there were 100 people in attendance, although I think there were some who didn't sign in, it seemed like more people than that.

It was just wonderful to have so many friends and family together for a happy event, not a sad one.

Granny, Papa, Chloe and Katelynn

My kiddos before we left.


SBTVD said...
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Teri said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. The cake is beautiful and everyone looks so nice. I'll have to check out "the speech" on my home computer, this one at work doesn't have speakers or a headset.

Have a great week.

BriteCloud said...

Thanks, Teri. I should add that Katelynn is Dennis' (my brother for those of you who don't know) granddaughter. Chad's daughter. She is 5 and so cute! She adores Chloe.

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Webkinz Visit Sleepyhead

Chloe and I made this slide show one day when Spike was fast asleep. He didn't move a muscle as she placed her Webkinz, one after another, on top of him. Sorry it's a bit slow, it's the fastest I could get it to go. Enjoy!