Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last Day of School

After an early wake-up from Beck, and a world-record time for getting dressed, they were off to the last day of school.

Chloe pleaded with me to be at the party when it started, so me and about 200 other cars parked up and down the roads and on the grass to attend the best day of the school year. The last one.

So long third grade!!

Mrs. Trammell

Boyfriend, Grayson

Best friend, Noah

So long, fourth grade!!

Mrs. Yates

The boys love their balloon party favors!

It's been a good school year. Beck and Chloe have each grown physically as well as intellectually. We love Fairmont Elementary!

Sorry, no photos of Nathan's last day. He's the big junior high kid and the days of parents attending the parties is OVA!

So now I officially have a 4th, 5th and 7th grader. Wow!


Kim said...

Love the photos by the big grade level numbers! I cannot believe that Nathan got initiated into the youth group... my how time flies! I guess R and J's time will be here in a blink. Oh, and the candy wrappers are too cute - very Rhonda! :) I've missed seeing you.. hopefully soon!

Holly said...

No way are they THAT grown up! It's so good you were there on the last day and snapped great pics.

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