Sunday, June 8, 2008

A little scary Sunday

You will not believe the day I have had today! (Sunday)

I didn't feel well yesterday while I was at work, sore throat, tired, etc. I left about an hour early and felt worse as the night went on. I had lots of sinus pressure on the right side, my teeth hurt, my head and eye hurt, etc. Well at 4:30 am. I woke up and the right side of my face was swollen and sort of numb. I knew I had a sinus infection but never had the face swelling before, though.)

I waited until the after hours clinic wasn't busy, about 4:30 this afternoon and went to get an antibiotic. The P.A. who I have seen before, and I really like him, thought he saw something on that side of my face, like it wasn't symmetrical with the other side of my face. He sent me to the hospital for a CT scan for Bells Palsy. Sort of scared me. Steve got the babysitter and came to go with me. I was done by the time he got there. I have to go to see my GP tomorrow to get the results.

I really do think it's just a sinus infection. The swelling is going down, the feeling is coming back. But it sort of jarred me at how your reality can change in an instant.

I'll write back after my doctor visit.


Tannie said...

Whew! I was sure glad to hear you are OK!

Heather said...

Girl that is scary!! You better update us the minute you hear.

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