Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What fun!

The joke of the day was that he had to stand in front of a pink wall all day with the word "She" on it. Here he is trying to cover up the "s".

Have you ever gotten to meet, or better yet, take a class, from someone "famous" in your realm of hobbies?

I have followed Tim Holtz for years with his DVDs, books, appearances on the Carrol Duvalle Show, paper and embellishment lines for scrapbooking, etc. Anything I could get my hands on. He has a wonderful "grunge" feel to all of his work, and uses lots of found objects. Very "artsy"!

Tim (I can call him "Tim" now!) is standing next to me. I left him and myself colored on the photo.

I was fortunate enough to take a hands-on class from him this past weekend at By Design Scrapbook Boutique in Clear Lake City. He was great and such a good teacher. We created a clear acrylic album using his alcohol inks for painting the transparencies. The class was called "Windows and Words". I was not disappointed. I learned new things about his products. And I got the chance to tell him how much I loved his DVD.

So, he's not famous to everyone. But in my world, he is.

Who is famous in your world that you have gotten to meet?

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Daesha said...

I ran smack into Bill Belamy, host of Last Comic Standing, last month. He's really tall, so it was kind of nose to belly-button. He was as nice as could be and he apologized. That's my brush with fame.

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