Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School

Steve's parents were kind enough Sunday evening to remind me to charge the batteries on my camera so we didn't have a replay of last year's first day of school. Well, that's a great idea, IF you can FIND your camera.

What do you get when you mix a curious 9-year old little girl who loves animals and is always wanting to document what they are doing with Mom's camera? You get a roving, never-in-the-same-place-twice camera.

So first day of school pics are out. I know three kids who were thrilled about that.

Nathan's comments on his first day:
"I have the best Math teacher in the whole school! She doesn't believe in homework!" also, "These two boys kept calling me Eugene, they said I look like a Eugene."

Beck's comments on his first day:
"Mr. McMahon has a deer heart, a deer liver and lots of animal skulls."

Chloe's comments on her first day:
"My teachers are nice. I got Dalton's email address so I can
send him a youtube video on cats."

Dad's comments on the first day of school:
"Let's go to lunch before the kids get home."

Mom's comments on the first day of school:
"Do you hear how quiet it is!? Aaaaahhhhh"

Chloe said a funny thing to me. When she got home Steve and I were just getting back from lunch. And she said, "You look enjoyed." What? "You look happy, you look enjoyed." Do you mean I look like I enjoyed myself? "Yea!"

Oh, I did.

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