Friday, August 8, 2008

In which I behave like a silly teenager...

I'm not one for being full-out openly obsessed about things, well, except for my scrapbooking collection, but I just let it all out when my friends and I decided to go to the book release party at Barnes & Noble. Maybe you've noticed my countdown to the left for "Breaking Dawn". It is the 4th, and final book, in the Twilight Series by Stephenia Meyer. O.K., who hasn't heard about that by now? It was in the papers and everything.

Soooo..... I created a monster by introducing Tana to the series. She now converts everyone she meets, spends hours and hours reading at just to keep the series going in her mind. She is obsessed with the characters. Me, I have a nice, quiet little obsession going. I tell a few close friends how much I enjoyed the books, and I google the movie that's coming out in December, and eagerly await the next book. When Tana got on board it was all-out immersion in all things Stephenie Meyer.

Here are Tana, myself, and Michele (l to r) after we got the book (we all work at the scrapbook store together). We were the first group who was allowed in at midnight - o'one. We arrived at B&N at 5:00 p.m. and got our wristbands. We were lucky to get the letter "A", so that made us the first group. Then we went to eat and headed back to B&N around 9:00. We found a spot to sit in the Starbucks inside and didn't budge. We looked beside us and there were two ladies around our age looking as though they felt somewhat out of place with the throng of teenagers awaiting the newest addition to this Teen Fiction Series. We struck up a conversation with them. They were so excited to find other women that were obsessed. We stuck together the rest of the evening and made plans to see the movie together.

It was so much fun. It was fun to be silly, and fun to be goofy, and just plain fun to be as excited as a teenager again. Thanks Tana and Michele for helping me to "let go". I would have never gone to the release party alone.


Kim said...

You go girl! you know, I'm all about obsessions! hahaha You've got me convinced to start the series... :)

Holly said...

I think that's GREAT! I didn't know they did a release party--like a movie premiere.

I think I want to read it eventually--for closure.

Now Jamie and Clare...yes, I'm obsessed.

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