Sunday, November 2, 2008

"For this child I prayed..." I Samuel 1:27

(l to r) Brenda, me, Charlton, Kim, Olivia, Becky and Linda

Five good friends and I gave baby Mackenzie, and Charlton, a Book Shower. Everyone was to bring a book for Mackenzie's library. Here are some of the highlights...

"For this child I prayed..." I Samuel 1:27 represents how we all feel about Mackenzie. Charlton chose a beautiful verse. In keeping with the "book" theme, the favor was a bookmark that I made citing that verse, with a picture of Mackenzie.

The table was beautifully set with photos of Mackenzie (she wasn't able to attend due to it being flu season and she's only 6 weeks old). Annette made the beautiful arrangement of flowers. (As a side note; when I was helping Annette take the arrangement out of the carrier she had it in, I pulled too hard and the thin glass bowl it was in shattered. Water was cascading everywhere on the table and the floor. I was SO embarrassed! Thankfully we got it all cleaned up and a new container for the flowers. Note to self: never try to help the professionals!)

I chose not to have anything to do with the food part of the shower. The other ladies did a beautiful job with salads, cake and other goodies. The closest I got to any food preparations was making the bottle wrappers for the water. Once again I incorporated the verse as well as Mackenzie's initials using my JustRite monogram stamper. I LOVE that thing!!

The book that Chloe and I chose (below) has a large foldout of each zoo animal. It will be fun for Mackenzie when she's a toddler.

Of course Marsha (Grandma, or "Moshi" as she will be called) enjoyed the books and was practicing how she would read them to Mackenzie.

Mackenzie got some wondeful books! One of the highlights from Kim, Jason, Rylan and Jacob, was an autographed Eric Carle book, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". That one will be for the shelf, they also gave her the same book in a sturdier, smaller form so Mackenzie can handle it without worry.

And last, but not least, an adorable Doll house bookshelf for Mackenzie's room. This was the gift from the hostesses. Thank goodness Mackenzie didn't get to come because it would have been her or the doll house getting to go home in their car; both could not have fit!

And just a little peak at the bookplates that I made for Mackenzie. They fit neatly into a little bandaid box that I decorated. Gotta get those elephants in!


Momma said...

The day was incredibly special...thanks for all you do to make our family feel so special!


Teri said...

Everything looks so nice--what a great job. Love the bookmarks and the bookplates and holder---how creative. I love that idea for a shower, I'll have to keep that in my memory bank for future use.

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