Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walking on water...

Well, frozen water, anyway. This is the lake, frozen about ten inches thick across the entire surface. I have been so intrigued by seeing the ice fishermen setting up their tents or sitting on their chairs on a frozen lake of water. Why type of fisherman does this ice fishing attract? It seemed like there were all ages, male and female. If I were to guess I would say it attracts a larger variety of people than regular "unfrozen" water fishing does.

I wasn't sure if we sure attempt walking on the lake without a guide of some sort, but it seemed like any Tom, Dick or Harry, was just traipsing their way out on to the lake. Sitting for hours. Some were even playing hockey. I didn't try to investigate what was going on inside the tents. I assume that was for the serious, die-hard fishermen who didn't want to be distracted by all of the silly goings on about them. Or maybe they just wanted to keep warm.

Of course there were open holes in the ice from the previous fishermen. You can't expect an 11 and 14 year old to just let this block of ice sit quietly by. No. It had to be plunged back to it's icy home. I'm sure by now it's all frozen over again. But it sure does give you a clear view of how thick the ice is.

We lost Steve about 20-30 feet in. He already has a mild phobia about the kids being around water. I guess the combination of ice on top of said water was too much for him to handle.
Meanwhile, after I asked a couple of locals about the safety of the ice, we let caution fly to the wind and became a part of the Heber lifestyle. What was really fun was the 2-3 inches of snow covering the ice. It made a nice walking surface. There was no sliding or slipping. Unless you were Nathan, running wildly across the lake and "sliding home" as it were

It still boggles my mind that when I was here in October it was a beautiful lake.

Nathan is so funny. He and Chloe loved the lake and wished we had brought out poor excuse for a sled that I got at King's for $12.00. Next time, I promise.

Unfortunately Beck wouldn't have anything to do with this whole lake thing. Even to the point of refusing to go. We missed him.

Snow a little deep for you there, Chloe?

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