Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another trip to the airport...

To pick up two of my favorite people in the world! My Mother and my sister, Marsha. I feel so blessed to have seen my Mother twice in the last few months. And it's such a compliment that Marsha could work out her busy schedule to come and visit us. It was so good to have the "girl time" together.

After leaving the airport, we made a direct bee-line to Riverton, Utah to visit the Stampin' Up! headquarters. Marsha has been a demonstrator for about 7 years. I was one for 5 years. It was such a treat to get to see where it all happens!

The offices were so beautiful. Looked a lot like a campus.

Inside the atrium everything was open and airy, and of course beautifully decorated. Who would expect anything less from SU!?

Looking down from entry level was a fountain surrounded by tables for employees breaks.

In the "Inspiration Room" were lots of... you guessed it.... inspiring projects. What I loved about this room was that I realized I had seen it before, over and over. This is where they shoot the photos for the catalog!

Look at this adorable "chandelier" made from ribbon and punched paper flowers.

This beautiful wreath was made from scalloped circles.

Here's a closer look.

And a cute, cute, party table.

There was even a room with sewing inspiration.

But what we were really excited about was getting to see the Distribution Center.

When we entered the lobby, Marsha told the receptionist that she is a current demonstrator and just arrived from Texas. Before you know it, the President's Adm. Asst. came and found us in the Inspiration Room and gave us a tour. Now that's appreciation for your demonstrators! We were so honored and thrilled.

Look at this floor full of product! Turns out it is the discontinued items and it was being prepared for an employee sale the next morning. My friend Carrie who works in the call center at SU! told me that each employee was allowed to bring one guest over the age of 12, to help carry your purchases. Can you imagine what mayhem there was the next morning... especially if you have to bring a helper!

More discontinued stuff. I just wanted to jump over the balcony and run off with a few boxes.

More discontinued.

This is the automated "picking line". Each order has a barcode on the box. When the barcode is read it will kick the box off the line in the area where the product is. The picker will then add the items (a red light flashes on the shelf where the item is, along with the quantity to be picked) and the box is sent on down the line. So cool! This was a Friday afternoon, so everyone was gone for the day. I would have loved to see it in operation.

The whole conveyor system kept reminding me of the Disney movie Monsters, Inc. Remember when the doors were retrieved from the miles of conveyor belts?

This pic shows the product stacked on the shelves. The middle boxes are product to be unpacked.

Next, we went to the Idea Room. This is the employee "think tank". There were lots of comfy chairs, a fooseball table, cool rugs and throw pillows.

Our tour guide, Amy, took some good pics of the four of us. She was so sweet.

I loved this look down the atrium. Such beautiful offices.


Charlton said...

That's really cool. Maybe if I come visit we can say, "my mom is a demonstrator" and they'll give us the same tour! ;)

Kim said...

How cool!!! Mom thinks she saw BLiss could they be holding out on us?!?!? So glad you guys got to see the place where all our money goes! hahaha

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