Saturday, November 27, 2010

A little of this, a little of that...

Just a little "catch up" with a few pictures I've taken here and there. Seems like I spend more time Facebooking our life than blogging it.

These are drawings that Beck has been doing. What I love about his drawings are that you can feel emotion in them. Steve spends quite a bit of time teaching him techniques. For instance, he encouraged him to "really get in there" with his hands using the charcoal pencil. Steve bought Beck a sketch pad that he now carries everywhere with him. I love to see him using this outlet. And I think he could be really good.

Even though I was driving, I couldn't pass up taking a pic of this beautiful view I had on the way to work one evening. Just breathtaking!

And I know I already blogged about our trip to Stampin' Up! when Marsha and Mother came to visit, but somehow I left out this great picture of us. So thought I would add it in.

And lastly for today's post, I wanted to share this picture. This is the view I see from our house every morning. I feel blessed to live in this beautiful area. I've noticed that I think of the mountains as living beings. Almost as if they have a soul, or each have a personality of their own. I feel like they show me different sides of themselves all of the time. The way the clouds hover or cling, the way the snow cascades over their landscape, the changing colors... it all seems to tell a story. Feeling a kinship with the beauty around me.

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