Saturday, January 14, 2012


This is Meredith, my niece Charlton's new baby. Isn't she a sweetheart!? When Charlton was pregnant with her first daughter, Mackenzie, I began crocheting this little christening gown. The first one I made was for Chloe, and I swore I wouldn't make another one until Charlton had a daughter. (Although I did break that promise and made one for my dear friend, Jana, when her daughter Katie was born. Unfortunately, I mixed thread lots and ended up with a finished product with obvious differences in color. What a shame!)

Anyway, I had the dress about 75% complete for Mackenzie's first Christmas, with the intention of finishing it. Then life happened, we moved, and Mackenzie outgrew it. But I held onto it, as well as the guilt I felt for not finishing it in time.

Then, lo and behold, Charlton found out she was having another girl! What a wonderful surprise for so many reasons, this little dress being one of them.

So now I am thrilled to present both finished products; Meredith and her keepsake gown. Although Meredith is the most prized of the two, hands down!

Meredith - 2012

I still have the one I made for Chloe. And to be honest, I actually made it when I was pregnant with Beck. So it was even more special when I actually did have a daughter to give it to.

Chloe - 1999


Charlton said...

they both are adorable!

lizzie said...

OMG amazing!!!!!

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