Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh boy... off to a good start??

Maybe you don't know Nathan very well. He has a very developed sense of humor. But he doesn't always use it in the appropriate way. Here's what he did today (the first day of school, mind you). He said that he has an "old lady" teacher (boy, we've got to talk about how we use our words) and he was trying to be funny and said, "When can we take a nap? Is it naptime yet?" Her reply was, "Over my dead body." To which he replied, "O.K., I can wait 5 minutes."

Are you laughing or cringing? Yes, that's how I felt, too. I asked him what she said and he said that she laughed and didn't take offense at it. So I am figuring that I will be meeting the principal a lot sooner than I expected to. But later he told me that he just made that up, and he didn't really say that. I tend to believe that he did make it up, I can't really see a teacher saying, "Over my dead body." Sheesh! That boy of mine!

(He is pretty funny, though!)

Chloe's switch teacher (afternoon) is fresh out of college and this is her first year to teach. Here is the story that she will be telling the rest of her career...

A little boy we will call T. is in Chloe's class again this year. He used to live on our block. He is autistic to the point that he speaks only a few words. Physically he is like any other boy his age, runs, plays, etc. But when he gets upset or excited he screams. Today he apparantly was over stimulated from the first day of school excitement and took off every stitch of his clothing in the classroom. They had to call the principal down and they made all of the other students leave the classroom. We love T., Chloe is especially fond of him and helps him during lunch and in class. We just think it's another funny episode with T.

BTW, Chloe made sure to let me know that he wears Thomas the Tank Engine underwear.

Beck didn't have any stories for me today, but he did have a good day. BTW, his friend on the other block is no longer his friend, so that's disappointing for him. Poor thing, the other kids just keep passing him up maturity-wise and he has such a hard time making friends. Please join me in prayers that he has at least one good friend this school year. I've always told the kids, "All you need is one good friend. You don't have to be popular."


Lacie said...

LOL! What great stories!

I bet Nathan is a hoot- that has to come from your family line!

It is so sweet that Chloe helps with T. everyone needs a friend!

Speaking of friends, I will be praying on my run for a special friend just for Beck!

Keep the stories coming!!!

Lacie said...

Don't get discouraged about blogging. Sometimes it does feel like you are talking to yourself...and sometimes you are! (Ha!)Give it time.

Robyn said...

I caught your blog off Lacie's! Good to see you on. I'll be reading your blogs now that I have your address. I loved the first day stories!

Kim said...

Your 3 angels are too much!!! I love love love first day stories! That first year teacher will NEVER forget sweet T's episode. My first day of the first year, my wild child put the headphones on his eyes like glasses and ran around the room screaming,"I'm robocop! I'm robocop!" By the end of the year he was one of my favorites and I cried BIG tears because he left our school. I hope that he has fond memories of first grade. Keep blogging - I love to read your stories!

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