Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I have really enjoyed Paper Piecing lately. I created this layout by printing out 4 copies of each image (witch, ghost, etc.) then layering them so that the parts closest to you are on top. There are 4 layers on each image. I thought this would make a cute little, non-scary Halloween page
for a little girl or boy. I am listing it on Ebay if you want to see it. Click here to see the listing.

Is anyone else thinking about Halloween yet? Chloe already has her costume.



autumnbreeze said...

I put out a few decorations a couple of nights ago, hung my fall wreath on the door, etc. Now that my kids are grown and way past the trick or treat age I don't get too excited about Halloween--but I still keep the candy jars full!! ha.

One year when Jeffrey was about 7 or 8 we had a party, hayride, etc and I dressed him up like a scarecrow, I even attached a crow to his shoulder. He looked great, the best little scarecrow I ever saw!! Those were fun days, so be sure and enjoy them---because they grow out of that too fast.

autumnbreeze said...

Oh, by the way I love the scrapbook pages. They are darling.

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Webkinz Visit Sleepyhead

Chloe and I made this slide show one day when Spike was fast asleep. He didn't move a muscle as she placed her Webkinz, one after another, on top of him. Sorry it's a bit slow, it's the fastest I could get it to go. Enjoy!