Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Show & Tell

Oh boy, oh boy! I finally found new bedding that I like. I have literally been looking for years to find bedding that I liked at the same time that I had the money to buy it. (Doesn't always work out, you know!) This is what I got today. No, this isn't my bedroom, it's too perfect looking. The black on the comforter and shams is like a flocked velvet. Now I can finally do something with our bedroom. We've lived here 10 years and I've been waiting until I got the look I wanted before I painted or decorated the bedroom. How did that much time go by!?

Anyway, just wanted to share.


1 comment:

autumnbreeze said...

Love the new bedding. I bet it will look great. What color will the walls be?
I love decorating and looking through home decor magazines and watching HGTV---I could spend hours doing that. I think being a decorator would be a great job--getting to pick everything out, but spending someone elses money--I could do that. ha. Have fun.

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