Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beck's Evaluation Results

First of all, let me say that Beck is not bi-polar. That was a relief to hear. He exemplifies eccentric behaviors which correspond with the Asperger's Diagnosis. Also strong ADHD behaviors, but that's nothing new!

Let me see if I can summarize the results in a nutshell.

1. His processing speed is slow but once he learns something it stays with him.
2. If he is capable of remembering 4 things in short term memory (for example), if a 5th is thrown in he loses them all, not just a few. This leads to being overwhelmed and not being able to follow through.
3. The number of people he deals with should be reduced. For example, he will not be able to function in a normal setting when he reaches junior high and has 5 or 6 teachers. This is a relief to know because I just couldn't even fathom how he would deal with that in a couple of years. So we know that he will have to be in a special classroom with others like him with more one-on-one instruction. He is very intelligent, but learns in such a different way.
4. The psychiatrist should be treating his ADHD more aggressively. Thank you!
5. He is not capable of following all the rules, he just doesn't have the cognitive ability to retain and juggle all of the rules.

So there you have the highlights. I was relieved and thankful. We will be discussing this with the school, the therapist and the psychiatrist to see what changes we can make to help him.

This sweet boy sure does have a lot of people on his side. Thank you for the prayers and encouragement.


1 comment:

Holly said...

Thanks for sharing the highlights. I hope that helps ease your mind and that it gives you a new starting point. I also hope support from the schools, doctors, therapists comes together soon.

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