Monday, October 15, 2007

Half Price Books

Don't you just love Half-Price Books? Beck had an appointment with a new doctor this morning, so we were over near Westheimer. We were close to where Steve works, so we picked him up and went to lunch at Phoenicia, a Greek-style Deli, then went to Half-Price Books. Beck got a new Calvin & Hobbes book, he loves those comic books, and often wants to be read them at bedtime. I think they fit him perfectly, he doesn't like to read chapter books, but these are short snippets to read and have funny pictures. I don't know how many of the jokes he actually gets, but he enjoys the books. BTW, have you ever tried to read comic books to kids? It's not very easy.

I picked out a "Reptiles" book for Chloe, being the animal lover that she is. It's one of those cool books that has the clear overlays to show inside the bodies, etc. She will love it.

We picked out a new Role-Playing Game Manual for Nathan. Yes, he is already in training to be a nerd! I say that with huge amounts of affection. After all, I married a nerd and love him dearly. Surprisingly, I fit the nerd profile pretty well myself, for a girl. I watched all of the Star Trek's before I met Steve, plus other sci-fi movies and shows. That includes the Japanese Godzilla movies, and the like. It was a wonderful Saturday when I could find one of those on TV. I wonder why I was always watching them alone? I guess I was the only nerd in my immediate family. Now I am raising a family of them, and we can all enjoy it together. LOL I don't fit the nerd profile when it comes to math and science, but then, neither does Nathan.

Steve, the biggest nerd of all, got 2 RPG Manuals of his own today.

I love that store. BTW, the store on Westheimer is much bigger and nicer than the one on Egret Bay (for those of you who live in this area).

Where do you like to shop for your books?

1 comment:

Holly said...

I want to live in Half Price Books. That is the BEST place!!

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