Monday, October 15, 2007

Psychological Evaluation

I am so anxious to hear the evaluation of Beck from the Psychologist he saw today. I was so impressed with him. 60-70% of his patients are between 3 - 18 years of age. Beck really, really liked him. He is one of the first professionals to address the same fears head on, as Steve and I have been concerned about; What to do when he reaches adolescence? The fact that he will do anything other kids ask him to do to gain a friend (which could lead to drug abuse, etc. as a teenager). Concerns that his anger issues may escalate to a point that he may have to live in a special home for kids that need closer supervision and help with those issues. And the fact that he may not be able to be mainstreamed in Junior High School. I was relieved to hear someone else have those concerns, and not just think that Steve and I were alone in this. But, I don't know what his conclusions are about Beck. I think he was seeing Bi-Polar symptoms, which I have suspected for a few years now.

It seems strange to be feeling so excited and elated to find out if my son is bi-polar, and how extreme his condition(s) is/are. But that is how I feel. Steve and I often feel alone and scared about the future for Beck, and for our family. But today I feel hopeful. Tears are already at the surface at just the thought of him not living with us at some point. But only God knows that the future holds. We will do whatever is best for Beck, and we don't feel qualified to make those decisions right now.

So I hope to have a report on Wednesday or Thursday which I can share. I am happy to discuss him with anyone. It's not his fault that he has these problems, and we are certainly not ashamed of him. The more prayers we can gain on his behalf, the better.

Blessings to you and your family.

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Holly said...

I be thinking of you and Beck, well, your whole family. I'm sure it was good to have someone really "hear" you and understand your concerns. Keep us posted!

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