Thursday, October 25, 2007

Playful Ladies

I found this old, worn leather photo album many years ago at an antique store. The leather is so soft on the outside that it feels like velvet. It is full of little playful images of ladies (girls?) with their men friends (husbands?). I get the feeling these are young ladies courting with the fellows in the photos.

The horse and buggies, the long dresses, what year do you think these were taken? There are no dates on any of them. I am so used to seeing serious portraits from this time period, that I forget they played and had fun, too. What do you want to bet it was a Sunday afternoon?

Hope you enjoy them.

1 comment:

autumnbreeze said...

What a neat find. You know I always love old family photos, but it makes me sad when they wind up at antique stores or flea markets. I always wonder why someone in their family didn't keep them. Who knows mine may wind up there in 50 years, but if they do I will come back and haunt my kids or grandkids!! ha.

It is good that some nice person comes along and buys them and knows how special they should be, so enjoy them and let me see your finished project if you alter them.

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