Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sticky Obsessions

Most Asperger's children have at least one thing they obsess about. This is what I saw on Beck's desk when I went to wake him up. Glue, glue, glue, and more glue. I've mentioned Beck's obsession with glue before. He loves to pick at the lid, pour it out and let it dry, etc. I literally have to drag him away if we walk past the glue aisle in a store.

You might have a few questions such as;
1. Is Beck allowed to have glue?
No, he isn't.
2. Where does he get the glue?
He "pockets" it and brings it home from school.
3. Does his teacher allow him to have glue in his desk?
4. Whose glue is it?
Well, I would guess there are approx. 4 children missing their bottles of glue.
5. Have you told his teacher? Yes.

These are the questions I have, but don't really want to know the answers to;
1. Where did all of that glue go? Ignorance is bliss in this case.
2. Can you ever get dried glue out of carpet?
I'm too tired to fight it.
3. How much sleep has he lost doing this instead of actually sleeping? Again, don't want to know.
4. Will I catch him before he does it again? Please refer to answer on #2

As far as obsessions go, this one is fairly innocuous. As long as he keeps from pouring it in his backpack again or in his tote tray at school.

We love our obsessive Beck and his glue.

1 comment:

Holly said...

You are probably right, ignorance CAN be bliss--albeit sticky.

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