Thursday, January 24, 2008

100 Incredible Things About Me! :p

If you have never done this, you should try. It is pretty hard to keep coming up with things. Hope you enjoy, and I'm sure you will find something out that you didn't know about me.

1. I met my husband through the local weekly newspaper the "Greensheet".
2. He placed an ad, I answered it.
3. I didn't get married until I was 30
4. I had my first child at 33.
5. I had my second child at 35.
6. I had my third child a week before I turned 37.
7. My 30th birthday was the worst ever! And not only because I was turning 30. I saw no family and Steve was recovering from surgery.
8. My house is rarely in a state to have people "drop in".
9. Housework is not that important to me.
10. Unfortunately, I still carry guilt over not being a good housekeeper.
11. I wish I could either give up the guilt, or become better at keeping house.
12. I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.
13. I have to pace myself and get enough rest daily or I will pay the price by not being able to get out of bed a day or two later.
14. Stress also exacerbates the disease. Who has stress, right?!
15. I lived in Knoxville, TN for 5 years when I was single.
16. I have worked at 3 advertising agencies.
17. I have directed a few commercials (local in TN).
18. I was Regional Director of the last Advertising Agency I worked at in TN.
19. I worked for Entex (gas company) as the Graphic Designer in the Communications Dept. (downtown Houston)
20. I love to drive.
21. I had a sculpture accepted in a museum exhibit in Dallas when I was in college.
22. My first job when I was 17 was typing a local newspaper "The Citizen".
23. My 2nd job was being the church secretary when I was 17.
24. I can type 100 wpm.
25. I'm left handed
26. My left thumb is double-jointed.
27. I am the youngest of 3 children.
28. I have an older sister I will never measure up to.
29. I have finally accepted that I don't have to measure up to her.
30. I have had a total of 14 cats in my life.
31. I have had a total of 3 dogs in my life.
32. I didn't realize how boring I am until I started this list.
33. I had all of my children at home with a midwife.
34. The same midwife delivered all three children.
35. We are like family now.
36. Her oldest daughter was our babysitter for many years (now married.)
37. Her youngest daughter is our current babysitter, she's a junior in H.S.
38. Camelia (the midwife) is my age.
39. I almost had a waterbirth with Chloe in our jacuzzi, but I got claustrophobic right before I started pushing, and got out.
40. I like to sing.
41. My son, Beck is Autistic. He has Asperger's Syndrome.
42. 42 is Chloe's favorite number.
43. I LOVE chocolate.
44. I love chocolate and peanut butter.
45. My day doesn't seem complete without Cereal in the morning.
46. I am a night person.
47. I used to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.
48. I used to be a Pampered Chef Consultant
49. I don't paint very well.
50. I draw pretty well.
51. I wish I could draw from memory, but I have to have something to look at.
52. I was an Art Major when I was in college.
53. I didn't graduate from College.
54. I went to Hawaii by myself when I was 26. The Ad Agency I worked for gave me the trip.
55. I watched lava flow into the ocean.
56. Gas escaped from the piece of dried lava I was standing on and it actually lifted myself and another person up.
57. We ran like crazy.
58. The park worker laughed at us.
59. I have ridden an elephant.
60. I wish I had my nose pierced.
61. I don't have the guts to do that now.
62. I am a procrastinator.
63. I don't like large crowds.
64. I prefer to be with one or two good friends than a large group.
65. I have been in love 3 times.
66. The first was 37; I was 17.
67. The second was gay (who knew!)
68. The third I am still married to 16 years later.
69. I suffered from Post Partum depression which got progressively worse with each child.
70. I had visions of hurting one of my children for years.
71. I talked to my doctor about it after the woman killed her 5 children.
72. I thought it only happened when your children were newborns.
73. Mine lasted into their toddler years.
74. On a lighter note... I always look forward to getting the mail each day.
75. I cried with disappointment when I found out my first child was a boy.
76. It lasted about 30 seconds and then I was thrilled.
77. I took fertility drugs for #1 and #2.
78. I had a miscarriage when #2 was 4 months old.
79. #3 was a surprise.
80. I am so thankful for surprises.
81. I used to believe that women had the right to abortion.
82. Then I saw the ultrasound when #2 was only 9 weeks gestation and his little arms were moving around over his head.
83. I don't like being told what to do.
84. I don't like school systems.
85. I am a quiet rebel to bureaucracy.
86. I always do what I am told.
87. Although sometimes it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
88. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for my brother.
89. Now I have it for his sons.
90. And his grandson.
91. I love to see two men who are friends enjoying each other's company.
92. My Dad is the most honest person I have ever known.
93. I should be cutting for my class tomorrow night instead of doing this.
94. Did I mention that I procrastinate?
95. Sometimes I think of stupid things that I did or said years ago and I still cringe.
96. I am praying for my children to become Christians.
97. I want to be a better example.
98. I need more patience.
99. But I want it now.
100. I like immediate gratification.

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