Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bloggy Friends, Meet Shelly the Tortoise

I had no idea what a cute little critter Shelly was going to be. She is about the size of a Jumbo Egg. She will let you pet her legs and face and anywhere else. Her back legs are the cutest little things!

Chloe is ecstatic with her. We are saying "her" because we found out tonight that we won't know the actual gender for a few years. We can't just keep calling her "it". If my calculations are correct, we have a 50/50 chance of being right.

More cute photos to come, just wanted to share tonight before I go to bed. She is already asleep with her head tucked in. So cute!

P.S. Her Mother is huge! She actually hissed at me when I reached out to touch her shell. Did you know that turtles hiss? I didn't. I guess it's that "reptile" thing. She is very friendly to her owner and follows her around the backyard. Her tortoise is 19 years old.


Anonymous said...

What a cute little tortoise and the perfect name. When Jeffrey was younger he had a book about a turtle named Shelly and it came with a little stuffed animal. Has Chloe ever read it?

Have fun.

BriteCloud said...

No, she hasn't read that book. It sounds cute. I think I suggested "Shelly" because our friend's son, Duncan had one he named Shelly.

We were going for "Sheldon" for a boy, or Hershelle. Those were my original names. :)

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