Sunday, January 27, 2008

Belated Birthday Party

We have really fun birthdays at Just4Fun! Susan, once again, goes out of her way to make things special. This year I asked for a "Hello Kitty" theme, and boy did I get it!

Here I am feigning surprise as I enter the party room.

Is this a cute cake, or what! Chocolate, with raspberry filling. YUM!

Tulips, my favorite flower.

And my favorite kind of table; one loaded with gifts for me!

A special gift from Susan; Jim Sharp's "Noah's Ark".

A special gift from Tana; she made this doll for me!! From the wood base to the clothes. She is so creative!

I got lots of other fun gifts. Thank you ladies for a wonderful birthday!


Holly said...

Love your feigned surprise! That was a really nice party--cute, cute Kitty cake. How nice to work with such special ladies.

Kim said...

What a fun party! And a tortoise! What a fun new member to the family. We missed you in class this morning - it was really good. I loved reading your 100things and discovered a few things we have in common and a lot of new stuff! I'm glad we are friends! Have a great Thursday!

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