Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chloe's Big Day

Yes, my baby girl turned 9 today. After she had a sleepless night full of anticipation, she woke me up at 6:30 a.m. so I could tell her Happy Birthday. Then we went back to sleep. Yesterday Chloe and I made her cake. We like to call it the "Leaning Tower of Cake-A". This picture caught it's good side. Can you tell that Chloe decorated it herself? Thank you, Betty Crocker, for the red icing with the decorative tips in the Cheeze-Whiz type canister. Chloe was so proud of herself.

Granny met us at Build-A-Bear. Chloe spent birthday money (thank you Granny and Papa, and Gramma and Grampa) and made a cute leopard Cheetah. Chloe informed me that the Cheetah is the most endangered species. Thank you Animal Planet. The cheetah was fully loaded with pink sequined sneakers to match her outfit, roller skates, a handbag, the little pink leopard cat and a brush. She also got an adorable Valentine outfit for it. (I just thought you might want to know she got more for her money that just the bear.)

Granny decided to make a bear for herself to decorate the Blue Room, also known as the guest room. She and Chloe went through the ritual together of warming the heart and rubbing it on various body parts to impart senses to their new creations. Thank you Build-A-Bear.

When we got home Chloe was eager to open her gifts from the family. Dad was upstairs still "wrapping" her gift. Who would imagine it would take over an hour to "wrap" a gift? At least that's what Chloe was thinking. That is until she realized that Dad was putting together her new bicycle. Thank you, Dad.

The girl wants to be a Tomboy, but just can't stay away from the pink. So we're mixing it up a little with the black skull bike. She saw it at Christmas time and really wanted this one.

We then went to see "The Golden Compass", which we all enjoyed. It had the most blatant "to be continued" ending that I have ever seen in a movie. But it was good. Then we went to eat at Pappa's Seafood. Macadamia encrusted jumbo shrimp anyone? Thank you to Marsha and Tom for the gift certificate from Christmas. It was yummy!

So that was the very big day that Chloe had.

Thank you God, for our beautiful little girl who continues to grow and be more loving every day.


Heather said...

awww..Happy Birthday sweet Chloe! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I love your new bike!!

Holly said...

What a full and fabulous day! Happy Birthday Chloe--no way you are 9!!
A. made a pink leopard too at BAB, apparently it's the rage among little girls right now. How fun for your mom to make one too--and they did it together--sweet. They are hard to resist!
Too funny about her skull bike!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day. Happy Birthday, Chloe!! ~teri~

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