Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Old Dog...New Tricks

There's something about January that makes me want to work with yarn. I consider myself an advanced crocheter, but I have always wanted to knit.

My reward for completing all of my December projects has been to try to teach myself to knit... again. My hands have been itching to get some yarn and try, which will make it my 4th attempt to learn. I always feel like I am fighting with the needles, it hasn't come naturally. And here's my little challenge (violin playing in the background), I am left-handed and all of the instructions are for right-handers ::sniff, sniff:: Kudos to my Mother for teaching me to crochet at a young age. She is right handed, and somehow she taught me left handed. I am finding myself in the opposite position with my daughter.

Anyway.... I got some yarn today and a new pattern and new needles and sat down and stuck with it. And voila! suddenly it came together and it feels natural, like crocheting. Woo hoo!! I am making a scarf and hat for Chloe. She picked out the yarn. Hopefully soon I will have a picture to post of the finished projects.

1 comment:

Holly said...

I think this is wonderful!! How nice that Chloe is learning too and y'all can do this together.

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