Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm going to be a great aunt!

I hope that ultrasound pic didn't send anyone into shock. It's not mine. It's my niece, Charlton and her husband Brandon who are having this little one. The due date is Sept. 26th.

I was 18 when Charlton was born in 1980. Marsha was in labor and I skipped school to be at the hospital. We waited many hours to see her little baby. I was so excited! I bought bubble gum cigars and I wore a pin that said, "I'm an Aunt". I had become an aunt for the first time just 6 weeks earlier when my brother's first son was born.

Being an Aunt was my first insight into how much love a little baby brings into a family. And how much I could love another child. It was a prelude to the love I now feel as a parent. And now the cycle continues. I see my brother being a grandfather (mind you, he is only 13 months older than me!) and now my sister being a grandmother. I do believe that the love I feel for these great nieces and nephews will be a prelude to the love I will feel as a grandparent when that day comes.

There is no sweeter happiness than a baby in the family.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Charlton and husband and all of you. Babies are such wonderful, sweet little beings. I know all of you must be very excited. ~Teri~

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