Monday, March 17, 2008

Talk about good mail!

Oh man, was this ever a good mail day! On our way to see "Horton Hears a Who" I stopped at the mailbox to get the mail.

There was an envelope from our mortgage company, unsealed mind you. It looked like a check was inside, but since when do they send us money? Guess what! We overpaid on our Escrow account by $2,464!! Woo-hoo! Free money!

So we will pay a bit on our one credit card, and then the rest is for play.

What was the first thing I did?? We have been promising the kids a WII Game System for almost a year and haven't been able to find one. I went on Ebay. The excitement was intense as I waited until the last 20 seconds to place my bid. And I won! We got a package with 14 games, 2 controllers and 2 nunchucks (whatever those are!), plus all of the game console necessities. We should have it by Thursday. The kids are ecstatic.

Oh, I have more to post about. I have a new "toy" I want to show you. It's for scrapbooking, and boy is it great!

More later...

1 comment:

Holly said...

That IS a good mail day!! WooHoo! Glad it found it's way back to you.

Can't wait to hear about Wii--we don't have one.

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