Sunday, October 19, 2008

End of an Era

What a week it's been! Just4Fun Scrapbooking is closing it's doors 4ever.
Susan called and asked me to come back and help mark down merchandise and work during the sale.

And what a sale is has been! Nine thousand letters went out to local crafters, as well as our mailing list inviting them to the sale. We had a line of about 300 people at the door Thursday morning when we reopened. It was non-stop madness! By about 2:00 in the afternoon, there was no longer a line outside and we didn't have to monitor how many people were in the store at a time. We closed the doors at 6:00 and were finished checking the last customers around 8:00 in the evening. Whew! We were beat!!

I can't say how much $$ we made, but I will say, if you take a "normal" really good day and put another zero behind it, that's where we ended up. And this did NOT include the 150+ bags that people left with their credit card information because they didn't want to wait in line. I worked until 11:00 p.m. Friday night scanning those and finished by about 3:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Again on Friday and Saturday, we had a line at the door when we opened. Saturday was a madhouse of mayhem! But we handled it well.

I am so sorry to see the store closing. I have been a customer there since Chloe was a baby. I remember pushing her in a stroller and having to change her diaper in the bathroom one time. So many people are sad to see it close. It's been like old-home week with all of the emails and comments that Susan has gotten from our loyal customers.

But the good thing is, Susan will get her life back and be able to enjoy herself more.

Goodbye Just4Fun! It has been really fun.

Sherry marking every single sheet of paper!!

Lisa, trigger happy with the pricing gun.

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