Wednesday, January 7, 2009

44, but who's counting?

That's how Steve feels about his birthday today. Could just be another day as far as he's concerned. We tried to make it fun for him anyway.

We got our Keurig single cup coffee maker about a year ago. Steve likes a cup in the afternoon and I like one in the mornings, so it works out really well for us. We love the machine. I even bought K-Cups of hot chocolate for this winter. They also come in tea flavors.

This is the fun gift I got Steve. I saw this mug on the Food Network around New Year's and had to get it for Steve. When it is room temperature/cold the mug is black and says "off". When it is hot it turns white and says "on". It's pretty fun to watch it change. Now he can know when it coffee is hot or not.


Holly said...

Happy Birthday Steve!

I love my Kuerig--how did I survive before?? It's so fun to try different K-cups of flavors/strengths. I probably drink WAY too much!

That's a nifty coffee mug.

Michele' Cobb said...

That's a pretty cool coffee mug!! I turned 44 on January 8th!! So, I'm right there with you Steve. It's just another birthday, but at least it's one day when it's all about you!!

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