Saturday, January 17, 2009

Poor girl...

My poor Chloe girl has been sick since Thursday, her biggest complaint is headache, no sore throat, very little congestion. She is rarely sick and I think it was the first time I have ever had to pick her up from school at the nurse's office. Her fever got up to 102.9 and slowly went down. She will feel better and then the headache and fever comes back. We thought she had kicked it this morning but the fever is back again, just not as high.

We will be having a little trip to the doctor's office if this isn't gone by Monday morning.

1 comment:

Charlton said...

Tell Chloe I hope she feels better. I know how it is when you rarely get sick and then when you do it's usually pretty bad. I had that fever when Mackenzie was 2 months old and I felt horrible. On another note...your cake looked delicious!

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