Monday, March 9, 2009

Dear Friends...

That's what I call Kenny & Polly. They are my dearest friends. We have so much history together. We were all at ACU (Abilene Christian Univ.) at the same time. We were all art majors. I never had a class with Polly, and didn't really know her very well in college, but I knew I would like to be friends with her. Kenny, however, was a very good friend of mine in college. We had sculpture class together, we used to hang out with our friend, Kelly. We just had so much fun together!!

The weekend that K&P were graduating from ACU they realized that they wanted to be more than friends. Polly went to Grad school and Kenny followed. About a year later they were married. Meanwhile, I was working in Houston and wondering what to do with myself when I decided to move to Tennessee... because I was so in love with someone there.

As God works in His wonderful ways, K&P were living in Knoxville, too, while Kenny attended UT Graduate school. Little did I know what wonderful friends Polly and I would become. It's been a lasting, lifetime friendship. While the relationship I moved to TN for fell apart, the one I developed with K&P has been a lifeline for me over the years. It can be a week or a year since we have talked to each other and it still feels like it was just yesterday.

Steve loves K&P, too. We have vacationed with them a number of times during the summers, along with another couple friend we met in TN. Kenny actually gives Steve a run for his money when they talk science and philosophy. And Kenny has been a very good influence on Steve with his knowledge of the Bible and how it holds up to science.

Polly and I have a lot in common. We are both homebodies. We both love thrift stores and antique stores. We both love art. We both love God. We both watch Battlestar Galactica with our husbands! That is a rare find. Mostly we just love each other's company.

So it was such a treat when K&P came into town over the weekend. Kenny was dropping off a drawing that is going to be in an art show (he teaches art at ACU). So Steve and I got to meet them for dinner Saturday evening. We drove around about 40 minutes looking for "Thai Pepper". So glad we found it, it's delicious. Irritatingly enough, turns out it was just around the corner from where they were staying. We got a good laugh out of that.

I just wanted to share my friends with you. Polly always lifts my spirits and gives me a spiritual boost. She is so faithful.

I love you, Kenny & Polly! Hope to see you again, soon.


Holly said...

That's wonderful that your friendship has held strong over the years.

Thai Pepper sounds intriguing, is it Downtown?

I'd love for you to share your fave thrift store haunts sometime. The ones around here are so picked over or overpriced.

Polly Jones said...

Rhonda! You are so dear to me! Thanks so much for your words here. You always lift my spirits also. I am so blessed by your friendship. Have to laugh at these pictures and the ones that (thankfully) didn't make it into your blog.

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