Thursday, April 30, 2009

Logically, Illogical

Funny how kids like to spread blame evenly throughout the family so that it only barely skims past them.

Take last night for example. Because Nathan didn't tell me the truth about his grades and making up his work, he got his computer taken away for a period of time. (Still haven't decided how long that will be.) We were watching something on TV last night that he thought was boring when he decided to use his illogical logic on me. "Mom, it's your fault I'm bored because you took my computer away." "What?!" To which I replied... "You chose to do something wrong, knowing there would be a consequence, therefore it is your fault you are bored." "But you took my computer away!" And around we went in circles. He never let the blame fall on himself.

Kids! Is this where the teenage years kick in and become miserable for all of those involved?

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Anonymous said...

But you know what we were once that age, our parents went through the same and just look how we turned out. It dont make it any eaiser raising a teen. but given the proper direction with Gods Love, The Apple don't fall far from the tree. we would'nt change them out if we could. There is so much Love we have for our children we are willing to go through the good and bad with them. They will disappoint us at times, but we won't stop loving them, and we will continue to teach and Love them unconditionally until the day we die........I'm sure they are looking forward to seeing Dad as you are also. David E Ricketts

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