Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting Now.

I will never catch up with this blog! Too much has happened! We sold our house, Steve and the boys drove a U-Haul truck from Pasadena, TX to Heber City, Utah. Chloe and I flew with Dusty, the cat. A maiden flight for each of them. The kids started a new school, Chloe turned 11, Steve turned 45. We moved to Utah. That one sentence alone could take up months of blogging! So let me start with what I have ready to share...

The first day I drove Steve to work, after we all arrived in Heber City, this is the view that took my breath away.

Let me set the stage here, I was wearing my long down coat that my sweet Mother got me for my upcoming birthday, my tall snow boots, my crocheted gloves and what else.... a nightshirt underneath. In the 2 minutes it took me to snap these few photos my hands became numb and my legs felt bitter cold. Lesson learned.

That same day I had to register the kids for school. Nathan's school is new and beautiful and has an amazing backdrop.

But before we got to go to his school we had to go to the health department and make sure they had all of the necessary shots. Turns out they each had to get 3 shots. As a Mom of 3 I have learned a few tricks over the years: get them in the car first, make sure they are buckled up and the vehicle is moving, THEN tell them they are going to get shots so they can start a new school, which they didn't want to do to begin with. Well, that worked out. We even got free H1N1 shots from the state of Utah. Thank you, Utah.

Across the street from the health department was this monstrosity on the side of someone's home. What happened here? The kids thought they saw a treehouse underneath, but how would that create this mammoth ice formation? Now I wish I had asked someone at the health department. Oh well.

More photos and stories to come....

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Charlton said...

I love the photos. brandon said he thought the last picture could have been fog that froze because it was so cold. Other than that suggetion, I have no clue.

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