Monday, February 15, 2010

The Girl

This is Arya. She's our new girl. We adopted her from an Animal Rescue down the street from where we live. She is a sweetie! We're not really sure how old she is, but I think she is about 1 1/2 years old. She still has that kittenish playfulness.

When Dusty died Steve was adamant that we weren't going to get anymore pets for awhile. Maybe a long while. I understood. But I had a talk with him a couple of weeks later and told him how Chloe, Beck and I NEED a pet. It's something that makes up who we are. To Steve's credit, he listened, and said that if I felt that strongly about it then we could get another cat. That is selfless love. He put his own feeling aside. Thank you, Steve.

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Webkinz Visit Sleepyhead

Chloe and I made this slide show one day when Spike was fast asleep. He didn't move a muscle as she placed her Webkinz, one after another, on top of him. Sorry it's a bit slow, it's the fastest I could get it to go. Enjoy!