Thursday, January 13, 2011

Like a rhinestone cowboy....

This is Randy. He is a neighbor of my parents. He came a' visitin' while Chloe and I were in Texas. This is his pretty girl, Blue. His other horse is named Red. He is nothing, if not original.

Here's my Dad with Randy and Blue.

Blue was so patient and courteous to just stand by while the men visited and I took pictures.

Why do I say Rhinestone cowboy? Well, my Dad quickly pointed out to me Randy's Mr. T starter kit around his neck and Randy added his own flair by taking off his gloves and showing me his blinged out fingers. A gold and diamond ring on every finger. He's flashy that way.

My Mom says that Randy's wife is as plain as he is flashy. Funny, that.

I love being in Texas where your neighbors can come a visitin' on their horses on a balmy, overcast, winter day.

1 comment:

Charlton said...

I feel inclined to point out that not ALL neighbors in Texas come "visitin" on their horses! ;) Don't spread the stereo-type! ;) But, I'm glad you came visitin' to our house!

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