Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crocheted Rocks?

I saw samples of river rocks with crochet surrounding them and was enthralled! I literally dreamed about making some.

But where do you find rocks when everything is covered with a foot of snow for months on end? Well, someone, who shall remain nameless, might yoink a couple of them from alongside the road at a person's farm while her daughter cringes from embarrassment in the car.

I'm nothing if not a good example to my children. Anywho... don't you just love the delicate lace against the rough stone? I'm still enthralled. And there may be more to come!

You might be wondering what pattern I used. I just started with a doily pattern and after a few rounds (based on the diameter of the rock) I began making the scallop chain stitch pattern and then decreasing a couple of rows until down to single crochet stitch all around. In other words, I sort of made it up as I went.

Adding another one....


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I have a "collection" of heart shaped rocks. Seems like I always happen to find one somewhere. Most of the ones I have come from the Frio River.
: )

Polly Jones said...

I love the pillow you just posted but I these are my favorite thing ever! I'm glad you were able to yoink some to do this too.

BriteCloud said...

Polly! I'm so glad you like these!! My kids think I am crazy, Steve may think the same, but he's not saying. LOL

Astri said...

Finally a way for me and my husband to combine our crafts! He's a Geologist and I am a crocheter. Thanks for the smiles.

annanda said...

Hi! I would like to know which doily pattern you used for the rock in the last photo :D it is so cute! Thanks from Italy!

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