Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home Made

Nathan has a cooking class this semester. Although I hadn't planned to have pasta for dinner, that's what the assignment was. So we went in all the way!

Now I remember why I don't make pasta from scratch. It was a lot of work!

Nathan has never even cracked an egg before, so this was a lot to take it for one recipe. But he did great!

Kneading the dough was hard for him at first. Putting his hands in all of that egg and flour was pretty foreign.

Not many pictures between the kneading and cutting. It was, like I said, a lot of work, for both of us. So here are the final cut strips.

They were a bit on the thick side, but I was just impressed that they resembled fettucini!

Now to throw them into the boiling water.

Draining. Please don't look at the counter "fallout" from all of the previous kneading, mixing, etc.

Pour it over the sauce.


Enjoy! And guess what? It was good! Nathan even liked it. And he never eats spaghetti! This could be a way to expand his diet.


Polly Jones said...

Wow, that was an ambitious assignment! I think I tried to make pasta years ago, but I've kind of blocked the memory.

Charlton said...

congrats Nathan!!!! Now I feel the need to try making homemade pasta for the first time ever.

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