Monday, March 21, 2011

Did you know? Followed by: Wouldn't you know it?!

Did you know that you can be born without permanent teeth buds?

A person can have the buds for a baby tooth but not for the replacement permanent tooth. Beck has one such tooth. Just a fluke. The baby tooth can stay in for 5o+ years without having to worry about replacing it.

But, wouldn't you know, the one tooth that got infected over the weekend, was Beck's baby tooth without a permanent filler. We took him to the dentist this morning and it had to be pulled. Now we will have to get an implant in the near future to keep his teeth in line. Guess that's probably cheaper than braces, which thankfully, he doesn't need.

But wouldn't you just know it!



Heather said...

Sorry to hear about the infection in the tooth. I have one of those "baby" teeth, I'm 44 and I still have one of my baby teeth. I guess it never came out since there wasn't anything to push it out below. I'm glad everything turned out OK for your son; no braces...yeah!

Charlton said...

ouch! how did he do with the dental work? when do you have to go back for the implant?

BriteCloud said...

@Charlton - Steve and I were there, but we didn't go back with him. I think he did fine with the dentist. But when we got home he had a complete meltdown for about an hour. He was so scared about losing the feeling in his mouth, and just on overload with anxiety. I had to call in and miss my shift at work. (Which I am NOT complaining about!) After he got the feeling back in his mouth he ate lunch and was fine. So glad!

BriteCloud said...

P.S. We will go back in a couple of weeks.

Momma said...

AWWWW! It is pretty frightening! Hope he recovers quickly.

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