Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Over the weekend Steve and Chloe switched rooms. She was in the basement and Steve had a bedroom upstairs for his office. Well, Steve had coveted the basement room since we looked at the house. I suggested he "make a deal" with Chloe for the switch. In exchange for her room, she gets a World of Warcraft account. (Yes, my girl is a computer gaming nerd, and I mean that in the sweetest way.) What chance did she have with two brothers and a Dad who are into it?

So I made her a "welcome to the upstairs" throw, using the colors of her room. This bedroom was previously painted in a very bright chartreuse green, not our favorite shade, but it matches her decor better than it did Steve's.

This was called a 5 1/2 Hour Throw, using size Q crochet hook and three strands of thread at a time. I have decided it's called a 5 1/2 Hour Throw because of the amount of time I spent untangling the three lines as I crocheted. What a horror! But I like the end result, and it went quickly when I wasn't tangled up.

Welcome upstairs, Chloe!

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Webkinz Visit Sleepyhead

Chloe and I made this slide show one day when Spike was fast asleep. He didn't move a muscle as she placed her Webkinz, one after another, on top of him. Sorry it's a bit slow, it's the fastest I could get it to go. Enjoy!