Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Can't believe that Nathan had his first date last weekend! It was sort of a blind date, double-dating with another couple. His best friend, Austin, has a girlfriend. And it was her best friend that Nathan met.

I thought it was sweet that Nathan wanted to have his first date at home. They planned their double date, buying the cokes and planning what pizza to order, a week in advance. And planning what movies to watch.

Unfortunately, I had to work that evening, so I didn't get to meet the young lady. But Steve was here. He said they must have had a great time since he heard lots of laughter. Of course Steve made his appearances in the basement occasionally.

When I got home from work the date was over. I hugged Nathan and whispered, "Did you kiss her?" He replied in his low voice, "yep." "More than once?" I asked. "Yep," he replied. I surprisingly exclaimed, "Nathan!" Meanwhile Chloe was overhearing and she was bouncing up and down on the couch, clapping her hands and said, "Nathan! I'm so happy for you!" And she was! It was such a cute moment.

So those of you with young children, this is what it feels like when we say they are growing up overnight! Suddenly a whole new world of possibilities and worries has opened up. And I got this frenzied feeling of, "Have we taught him everything he needs to know about making the right decisions?" It feels like having a baby who is suddenly, unexpectedly walking before you have gotten the house baby-proofed.

So we plan to let this bloom slowly. Right now they are talking on the phone everyday. They may have another date on Memorial day. I've already let him know that there will be no car-dating until he's 16. (She's already 16 and driving.) We are setting boundaries and rules which we weren't really ready to set. Prayerfully making decisions.

But I love watching these kids grow up! They are such interesting people. And their talents and strengths are shining through.


Charlton said...

congrats to Nathan on the first date. I glad he had a good time. Good luck to you with all of the worrying that I'm sure is to come with the dating! I think I'll cherish the next 12 years with Mackenzie and just not think about her dating at all! ;)

hapi said...
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