Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dentist Anyone?

I could certainly live without it! The last week before school starts and I just made an appt. for each of the kids to get their teeth cleaned. O.K., don't scold me for waiting until Nathan was 8 years old before he ever went to the dentist. You have to understand where I'm coming from.

Having seemingly spent a large percentage of my life in a dentist chair, you would think that I would be comfortable there. Far from it! It's about the last place I would like to be!

Things I would rather do than have dental work:
1. Have a broken bone set
2. Listen to someone scratch their fingernails on a chalkboard
3. Substitute in the Junior High School
4. Have someone accidentally walk in on me in the bathroom

Well, I think you get the idea.

Have I transferred these feeling to the kids? Not really. It's more of an annoyance to their uncluttered schedule to have to go. We have a wonderful dentist whom I have known for many years as we used to go to church together, Dr. Bob Stewart. He is gentle and patient, so I really couldn't ask for anything more.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Peace out. LOL

1 comment:

Lacie said...

Hey girl!!!! Welcome to the bloggin world! I'm so glad to have found you off Kim's blog!

I am going to take K. for his first dentist appointment before he starts MDO- I am very nervous about the whole adventure. I'm not real crazy about the dentist either!

I'm am glad things are going good for you at JUST 4 Fun! I sure miss the great scrapbook stores!

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