Saturday, September 15, 2007

Good Reads

My niece, Charlton, turned me on to this website: Good Reads.

You can keep a log of books that you read and rate them, as well as get recommendations from friends and other readers. It looks like a great way to find out if you might like a particular book.

I wish that I had kept a journal of all the books I have read since I was a teenager. I saw a journal at Barnes & Noble that is for that purpose. I think I would be amazed at how much I have read.

Thanks to Holly and her blog, I ran into the series by Stephenie Meyer, "Twilight", "New Moon" and "Eclipse". I have read the first two this week and am halfway through the third. I LOVE them. They are in the teen section at bookstores and libraries. But they have crossed the teen/adult barrier. It's been a long time since I have been this emotionally involved in a series.

What are you reading? What do you recommend?



autumnbreeze said...

Nicholas Sparks' books are always good to me. A little bit of romance with a good story. If you watched "The Notebook", "Message in a Bottle" or "A Walk to Remember" they were all his books made in to movies.

Holly said...

I just finished the series yesterday. I was a little sad to have them come to an end. Maybe there will be a fourth in a year or two. Even though they were teen/young adult I enjoyed them. Fun brain escape!

Holly said...

It's me again! I'm going to check out that Good Reads site--sounds neat.

One book I can wholeheartedly recommend is These Is My Words by Nancy E Turner. It's historical fiction set in the 1800's Arizona Territories. I HATED to finish it! Soooo good!!

BriteCloud said...

Holly... the 4th book will be coming out Fall of 2008. A whole year away! You need to visit her Website. She has some pdf files of additional writing she has done. One from the perspective of Edward, another from the perspective of Jacob, and another from Rosalie's.

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