Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ssshhh! Don't tell...

All these gifts for just us girls!?

Have you ever had a friend or family member that is so easy to buy for that you have to stop yourself from getting everything you see, because everything is just perfect and she will love it as much as you do? That's how all of us girls are in my family. So we decided we could just have our own little early Christmas together and indulge in all of those special little things that only we can truly enjoy.

Last year we started an annual family tradition, we call it the "Girls' Christmas Night". (Actually, I'm not sure we have a set name, but I will call it that for now.) It consists of my Mother, Sister, Niece, daughter and myself. (My sister-in-law and her granddaughter were not able to join us this year.) We get together and spend the night (last year was Fredericksburg, and the Christmas parade), this year a more sensible meeting place at my Mother's (she's always the most sensible of the bunch).

We enjoyed snacks, projects and lots of talking and giggling. But the biggest fun of all is the bags of gifts. My sister is the "worst" (in a good way!). She collects all kinds of goodies for each of us throughout the year and at the "event" gives us each a large Christmas bag full of fun things. Christmas tree scissors, anyone?

We help develop each others' collections. Snowmen for me; nutcrackers for Chloe, Santas for Granny, "Faith, Hope, Love" ornaments for Charlton and Snowmen and Reindeer for Marsha.

No one has to sit through all of the ooo-ing and ah-ing but us girls. And it's guilt free.

My special gift to everyone were these boxes to hold Christmas cards and photos. I decorated each to match their personalities. They were a hit!

A most special gift this year was from my Mother. She gave each of us a piece of my Grandmother's special things. I got this wonderful Rooster cookie jar that my Mother bought for my Grandmother in 1957 by saving her money working at the dime store. It has aged in a beautiful, lovingly used fashion. Marsha received the tea pitcher that thousands of cups of tea were poured from thoughout our lives and before we were born. It looked as though the lip was cracked, but the glaze was just worn away from use.

These are the moments and special things to savor and remember. We do this so that what is special doesn't get lost in the chaos of Christmas day, and because we seldom all get together anymore as our lives get more and more hectic.

What fun traditions do you have in your families?


charlieton said...

I had so much fun! Maybe this next year I'll try to be like my mom and shop all year long for little things...we'll see! :)

Holly said...

What a wonderful girly evening!! A perfect way to celebrate--and no feeling rushed or girl guilt.

Your card boxes are GORGEOUS!

Love that rooster cookie jar--it's perfectly aged. How sweet of yur mom to pass special things along. Love her Jim Shore Santa btw, hadn't seen that one.

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