Monday, January 21, 2008

Procrastinators, Unite! ( At your own leisure.)

Even for me, this past few months has been an epic battle of procrastination on one particular project. It's gotten to the point of being embarrassing. I am doing a scrapbook for a customer/friend from the store. It's the 4th or 5th project I have done for her to date. She pays me generously, and in advance. There's just something about this one particular scrapbook that I can't sit down and just "do".

Ways that I have procrastinated over the past few months, on this project:

1. Nap
2. Shop
3. Clean my office
4. Watch TV
5. Knit
6. Play with the kids.
7. Run Errands
8. Nap
9. Do any other project that pops into my head.
10. Blog
11. Surf the net.
12. Play computer games.
13. Laundry

And the list goes on and on. Sure, some of those things have to be done anyway... like napping (just kidding), but the point is, I'm not using the time I have available.

So tonight I have gotten 4 pages done. That is after planning to work all day Saturday (didn't do any of the book), and part of Sunday (o.k. I did that). So now I am taking Tuesday off to be home Mon. - Thursday to meet her deadline of having it complete on Thursday.

15 pages down; 15 to go.

Wish me luck!
What are you procrastinating about right now?

1 comment:

Holly said...

Oh girl! This is so me too, well, except I don't make scrapbooks for people, but I put off so many other things. I feel like I need the pressure, but then I feel better when I start things on time so I'm not so stressed and annoyed with myself. Sometimes you have to wait for creative inspiration to pounce. Glad you are making progress (and doing the other things too like nap!) :)

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